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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Born to Be Wild!

Last week Jonah learned how to ride his bike sans the training wheels. Both McKenna and Jonah has been concerned about falling and so had convinced themselves that they could not ride unassisted. One of Jonah's friends has a small bike that I felt Jonah could ride if he tried, and I was right. He got on and with a little nudge was off and riding. After taking a few spins up and down the street he asked if I could take the training wheels off of his bike. I got them off and he quite easily was riding on his own. We went over the rules of riding, ie: always wear shoes that cover your toes (no bare feet or flip flops), always wear a helmet and always let parents know where you are going. He was following the first two rules great, however he had a bit of trouble remembering the third. With his new found freedom, he decided to go exploring and visit Dad at his office which is 17 blocks from our home. We only knew he was on his way when a neighbor saw him and called us. By the time Shawn was able to intercept him he was only 1 block from his destination. When Shawn asked him where he was headed he said "I was coming to see you Dad, and it was fun!" We love our little explorer's adventurous spirit and have reviewed in detail the rules for riding and reiterated that freedom comes with responsibility.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!

So for everyone who has been waiting with bated breath, the torturous wait is over. And the winner is...A GIRL!!!! Yes we officially can start the remodel of the nursery from blue to pink according to the ultrasound technician and our applied Kinesiology energy test. McKenna swore that if we turned out to have a boy she was going to faint. Shawn had the camera at the ready for the big announcement. To our relief no fainting. Baby is growing and developing wonderfully. We are excited about our progress and will share more updates as they come.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Movin' Right Along!

Well we have made a decision about how and where I am going to deliver our baby. I had my best experience for Jonah's birth at a birth home in Pleasanton, CA. And I have always wanted to repeat that as close as possible. I have had a difficult time finding anything even remotely similar here in Utah county. Suprising for the baby birthing capital. However I believe my search is finally complete. I am going to have our baby a BellaNatal Birthing Suites http://bellanatal.com/. Assisted by a Midwife and Doula this is going to a great birth and I am looking forward to bringing a new life into the world, gently, quietly and in an environment and love. So different from the way our little Griffin came to us, poor baby. We have an ultra sound planned for Aug 11th. So stay tuned for an update.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

And our Official Due Date Is...

All is well on the baby front. I went for my first prenatal appt and our official due date is...December 28th. We are having one baby (thank goodness) and she (wishful thinking) is very active all ready. We will keep you updated each month.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Life is Good!

I did not realize that it has been sooo long since I last posted! Well...We buried my dear friend Tonia and the service was absolutely beautiful!! It brought all who attended much peace and it was wonderful to reconnect with friends and family I had not seen in 25 years. I love you Tonia and think of you each day.

Shawn and I took a quick trip to Chicago for Adepticon (gaming convention). It was fun to see Shawn completely in his element and treated as a pseudo-Celebrity. He was interviewed on 40K radio and people knew who he was, but he did not know them. It was a fun get away and when we got back we found out we are having a baby in December!! We are all very happy and excited and we are hoping for a girl. McKenna "can not take another pesky brother!" or so she says. I thankfully do not get morning sickness, however during this pregnancy I have been extremely tired and have needed to take a nap every day. Needless to say I have not gotten much done, but I am trying to sort through things and purge as much as possible. I have my first appointment with the doctor next week and I am hoping that he can let me know what I can do to feel like myself again. I hate feeling like a lump. I suspect that I may be anemic or diabedic, since I have had issue with those before.

We made it through the final weeks of school and Kindergarten graduation and we are loving summer vacation! I do not schedule much during the summer as I want it to be a true vacation. We so plan on going to the Zoo quite a bit and Shawn & I are going to Tuacahn in St. George and may go to Lagoon.

Friday, March 28, 2008

In Loving Memory

Tonia Eileen Townsend Eccles
April 2, 1970- March 27, 2008

My sweet, brave, stalwart friend ended her long battle with pain and adversity in typical Tonia like fashion, making sure that everyone was taken care of before she allowed herself to rest. She was able to help at least 3 people with her final physical gift. She was surrounded by her loving family including her 5 children.

Tonia was the strongest, most generous, loving, compassionate, thoughtful, understaning, spiritual person I have ever known. She is my hero and I enjoyed and treasure our years of friendship more than I can say.

She loved her family and serving them brought her utmost joy and she was so proud of her children, Austin, Riley John, Sageryann, Brady and Kayonia and enamored of her loving elf of a husband Ryan. She and Ryan were constantly trying to "out-do" each other in being kind and thoughtful to eachother.

She found great peace being in the outdoors and riding her horse Trigger. I enjoyed hearing about all of her adventures hiking the hills, fishing the lake in her boat and watching the ducks and geese, growing her beautiful flowers and delicious veggie garden.

I will forever be grateful for the opportunity I had in calling her my friend, loving her and feeling her love for me. I will miss her so very much, yet find great comfort in knowing that I will be able to see her again and that she is now at peace with her loving Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Spring!!

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter! So sorry that it has been so long since we have written. We are doing well and so glad that spring is finally here! Shawn and Tamie are looking forward to their trip to Chicago in April and the kids are really excited about spending some time with their cousins. McKenna and Jonah both received high marks during their last SEP's. We are so proud of them both and grateful that they are enjoying school.

Tamie's brother Eric was married to Nell Elizabeth Harris on March 8th at the Homestead in Midway, Utah. We had a wonderful time and it was great to see family and friends we have not seen for quite some time. McKenna was the flower girl and she preformed her duties wonderfully. This is a video of the evening's events. The next morning we received word from Uncle Randy that Grandma Ernie (Erleen) had passed away peacefully around 3am. She had colon cancer and had been just waiting for her time to come. We love you and miss you Grandma, but know that we will see you again soon. Say hello and give a hug and kiss to Grandpa Harry, Aunt Maxine and Uncle Art.
We received some very sad news this week. Tamie's childhood friend Tonia Eccles was in a tragic car accident on the 18th and is paralized from the neck down. We have added a link to her blog, please read about her and include her and her amazing family in your prayers and donate to her medical fund if you can. toniaeccles.blogspot.com