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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Movin' Right Along!

Well we have made a decision about how and where I am going to deliver our baby. I had my best experience for Jonah's birth at a birth home in Pleasanton, CA. And I have always wanted to repeat that as close as possible. I have had a difficult time finding anything even remotely similar here in Utah county. Suprising for the baby birthing capital. However I believe my search is finally complete. I am going to have our baby a BellaNatal Birthing Suites http://bellanatal.com/. Assisted by a Midwife and Doula this is going to a great birth and I am looking forward to bringing a new life into the world, gently, quietly and in an environment and love. So different from the way our little Griffin came to us, poor baby. We have an ultra sound planned for Aug 11th. So stay tuned for an update.