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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Born to Be Wild!

Last week Jonah learned how to ride his bike sans the training wheels. Both McKenna and Jonah has been concerned about falling and so had convinced themselves that they could not ride unassisted. One of Jonah's friends has a small bike that I felt Jonah could ride if he tried, and I was right. He got on and with a little nudge was off and riding. After taking a few spins up and down the street he asked if I could take the training wheels off of his bike. I got them off and he quite easily was riding on his own. We went over the rules of riding, ie: always wear shoes that cover your toes (no bare feet or flip flops), always wear a helmet and always let parents know where you are going. He was following the first two rules great, however he had a bit of trouble remembering the third. With his new found freedom, he decided to go exploring and visit Dad at his office which is 17 blocks from our home. We only knew he was on his way when a neighbor saw him and called us. By the time Shawn was able to intercept him he was only 1 block from his destination. When Shawn asked him where he was headed he said "I was coming to see you Dad, and it was fun!" We love our little explorer's adventurous spirit and have reviewed in detail the rules for riding and reiterated that freedom comes with responsibility.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!

So for everyone who has been waiting with bated breath, the torturous wait is over. And the winner is...A GIRL!!!! Yes we officially can start the remodel of the nursery from blue to pink according to the ultrasound technician and our applied Kinesiology energy test. McKenna swore that if we turned out to have a boy she was going to faint. Shawn had the camera at the ready for the big announcement. To our relief no fainting. Baby is growing and developing wonderfully. We are excited about our progress and will share more updates as they come.