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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Life is Good!

I did not realize that it has been sooo long since I last posted! Well...We buried my dear friend Tonia and the service was absolutely beautiful!! It brought all who attended much peace and it was wonderful to reconnect with friends and family I had not seen in 25 years. I love you Tonia and think of you each day.

Shawn and I took a quick trip to Chicago for Adepticon (gaming convention). It was fun to see Shawn completely in his element and treated as a pseudo-Celebrity. He was interviewed on 40K radio and people knew who he was, but he did not know them. It was a fun get away and when we got back we found out we are having a baby in December!! We are all very happy and excited and we are hoping for a girl. McKenna "can not take another pesky brother!" or so she says. I thankfully do not get morning sickness, however during this pregnancy I have been extremely tired and have needed to take a nap every day. Needless to say I have not gotten much done, but I am trying to sort through things and purge as much as possible. I have my first appointment with the doctor next week and I am hoping that he can let me know what I can do to feel like myself again. I hate feeling like a lump. I suspect that I may be anemic or diabedic, since I have had issue with those before.

We made it through the final weeks of school and Kindergarten graduation and we are loving summer vacation! I do not schedule much during the summer as I want it to be a true vacation. We so plan on going to the Zoo quite a bit and Shawn & I are going to Tuacahn in St. George and may go to Lagoon.